ZCW : Terms and Conditions

Min. Requirement for Wholesale Order:
3 pcs per order for each design.


1)You can email or fill up the order form and send to us the product code, sizes and colors. We will process your order as soon as possible.

2) Once you have placed an order, we will check the stock for your order first and then you will be given an invoice with stock and payment information.

3) Once we receive your payment, we will arrange your goods and deliver to your delivery address immediately.

4)Delivery fee will be shown on the invoice given to you.

5)Prices are final. Please do not bargain. Please do not place order if you think ZCW prices are high.

6)All ready stock items will be posted on the next working day and you will be usually receive it the next day delivery as we are using Poslaju services.

7) We appreciate only non fussy buyers. Kindly refrain from placing orders if you are expecting the items to be 100% perfect and identical to those available in outlet. As some are factory overrun items, they may have some slight stains on the clothes, but it will be not obvious, else the items will not be released for sale.

8) If you have question about the authenticity of the items, please stay away. Majority of the items are AUTHENTIC, unless other wise stated.


Q: Can I buy some for myself use?
A: Yes! But please follow the retail price per piece given.

Q: Can I get the products right on the spot or need to wait for your arrangement of products?
A: If the stocks are in hand, buyers can get them right on the spot. Otherwise, buyers will need to wait for product arrangement and delivery of about 2-3 weeks.

Q: I am very interested in your products and would like to know if there are any differences between the pictures and the real items?
A: For the foreign trade products, besides a little bit chromatic difference, the real items are the same as the picture.

Q: Can I know the delivery fee before I place an order?
A: The delivery fee is calculated based on the weight of your ordered goods. Once you place an order, you will be given an invoice with the stock and delivery fee information.

Q: Your magazine products can be seen somewhere else over the Internet, are they the same? Are the real items the same as the pictures?
A: Lots of factories in China are producing clothes based on these magazine pictures. Therefore, the real objects may not be 100% exactly the same as the pictures, especially the colors. The one we are cooperating now is the best of all the factories producing magazine clothing.

Q: What if the products sold out after I order the products?
A: Once you have placed an order, you will be given an invoice with stock information about your ordered products.

Q: Can I see the real products before I order?
A: Yes, if the products are available in our showroom.


1. Applicable for refund:

1.1 Deliver wrong products: Products are different in colors and styles from what you ordered
1.2 Products with prominent quality problems
1.3 Returning deadline: Malaysia buyers please return within 3 days / Overseas buyers please return within 2 week. Overdue returns will not be processed.
1.4 Amount of the problematic items will be refunded and we will bear 50% delivery fee for the returns.
1.5 In general, the amount will be refunded by the same payment method that was used to make payment.

2. Not applicable for product returns:

2.1 The refund may not be accepted in the following cases:
① The item has been damaged/made defective by customer's fault (except for the package being opened to check the item).
② The item's value has been remarkably decreased due to the customer's usage/consumption.
③ The item's value has been remarkably decreased due to the time-sensitive nature of the sale, so that it is unable to be displayed again.
④ Unrecoverable liability has been made to the seller due to customization or unique production of items or other ridiculous reasons.